Slea Head Drive, Dingle, Ireland

Espresso at a cafe with a cute garden in Dingle, before I started to bike.


This was the first of many breathtaking sights.

The sheep looking right at the camera was my favorite. Hey there, lil’ guy. 
This was the path to the “fairy” fort. It’s rumored that anyone who enters this path in the middle of the night (after 2 a.m.) will never be seen again. I was NOT about to test my luck with the fairies.


The sheep were practically hopping over each other and the fence for more food.
This bike managed to go from my worst enemy to my trusty steed in the matter of just a few hours.

Ancient forts and beehive caves were made out of just rocks piled high and miraculously balanced on each other.

I held a lamb! It was absolutely worth the 3 Euros.

As I stopped to take this picture, there were about five cars waiting to park in the same spot. I was definitely happy to have my bicycle at that moment.

Inishtooskert, in the Atlantic Ocean in County Kerry, which is a part of the Blasket Islands. This island is also known as An Fear Marbh, which means “the dead man.” Inishtooskert really does look like Abraham Lincoln taking a nap in the Atlantic. 
The interior of Manchester Man’s van, which had some interesting and innovative live-in creations.